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Do you cut keys?

Yes, we cut all kinds of keys from basic house keys to odd keys that you just can't seem to find anywhere. Our trained locksmiths can even fabricate a key for you if we can't find the key blank.

Can I rekey the locks for my house or do I need to buy new locks?

In most cases we can rekey your existing locks and provide you with new keys to your home. If new hardware is required we can provide and install residential or commercial hardware to suit your needs.

I need a more secure key and lock that can't be copied! Do you have anything like that?

We sell ABLOY keys and locks that provide a higher level of security and peace of mind. ABLOY keys can only be cut in our shop and can't be duplicated anywhere else! We keep a filing system that records the name and signature of the owner and will only cut keys for the owner of the ABLOY keys upon presentation of proper identification.

I own a number of rental properties and have too many keys to carry! Can you help me out?

Absolutely! We can rekey all of your rental suites with a Master Keying System! This will restrict your tenant's access to just their own suite but you will have one key that opens all of the suites and eliminate the need for carrying around so many keys!

I'm a project manager in charge of building a new complex that will have 30 doors in total. Can you supply and install all the door hardware for a project that size?

Yes! We can go over blueprints or do a walk-through with you to determine your exact needs! We will provide an estimate or two with different hardware options! Once you decide what will work for you in terms of budget and security, we will supply and install all the hardware based on our quote to you!

I've locked my keys in my car! Can you get me in?

Don't panic! We will get your car open for you! There is nothing worse than being stuck outside your car in the middle of a Manitoba winter! In most cases we can arrive quickly to get you back in your car and on your way!

My key just broke off in the door! Can you get it out?

Yes! We will extract the key and get you inside!

It's 2 o'clock in the morning and I'm locked out of my house! Will you come help me or do I have to wait until morning?

We offer 24 hour emergency service for home and vehicle lock outs!

Why is my key sticking in the lock?

There could be a few reasons why this is happening. With Manitoba's severe climate we see lots of dust, snow, ice and wind that can impact the functionality of the lock. If you sprayed a lubricant in the lock to try to loosen it up, it may have caused more harm than good. Often the liquid lubricant will attract dust and dirt and create a gummy mixture that can make the lock stick. We recommend dry graphite when lubricating locks.

Will you install hardware that I purchased somewhere else?

Yes, we will install that for you! If you would like the new hardware keyed to your existing key there will be a $19.50 charge per lock. When you purchase the hardware from us, we will rekey all the locks for free!